Anna Marshall graduated from Sir John Cass School of Art/London Metropolitan University, London, UK with an Upper Class Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine Art in 2005.   Anna won a prize for her incredible photographs of an Indigenous Tribe located in the remote Brazilian Amazon.  London Metropolitan University purchased two large-scale photographs for their art collection.  She has also held a number of solo exhibitions in London. 

 Anna has a natural skill when it comes to photographing children and has spent many years documenting the lives of children at St Pauls Steiner School in London as well as the Casa do Sol, a school for street children in Brazil.   Her photography skills are sought after by Publishers to illustrate bookcovers and by Interior Designers for their brochures and websites. 

Her portfolio includes photographs of discarded objects along the River Thames in London to urban landscapes and grafitti  found in cities.  She has covered traditional church weddings in Ireland to registry office weddings in London.   Anna has just published a book "Monemvasia shrouded in mystery" which includes many beautiful photographs of the Byzantine castle town of Monemvasia in the Peloponnese Greece.  

We hope  you enjoy Anna's portfolio.  

 The artist is always keen to speak to you regarding potential work oportunities and projects.  


mobile telephone: (44) 07947 363 586 

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